How do you stand out?
I have years of experience inside a production company working with a large variety of clients  and projects. I am excellent at capturing the important parts of any event and have a sharp eye in how to tell the best story with my shots. I treat all my shoots with the utmost professionalism and have quick turnarounds on my projects. I am a thorough communicator through the entire process so you will not have any surprises when it comes to what the next steps are and just as important, the invoice.
How much do you charge for video work?
I treat each project separately as the gear and time needed depends on the vision for each project. I never want I do believe that with more communication and planning upfront, the smoother the video process becomes and the more accurate (and lower) I can be with the project quote.
What type of clients do you work with?
A majority of the clients I work with are businesses who are looking to grow their online presence through video. I have worked with the full spectrum of clients from individuals all the way to clients needing large productions.
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